Lake Snowden Bird Watching Area

Clear Creek  

Bird species of interest at Lake Snowden:

Great Place for migrating waterfowl such as Canvasback, Common Goldeneye or Ringneck Duck. Bluebirds, Song Sparrows and Northern Harrier are also common species to the area.


Birding Areas

Wahkeena Nature Preserve-A 150 acre nature preserve also features interesting flora.

Clear Creek - the park is extremely rugged with ravines, rock outcroppings and cliffs.

Hocking Hills - Waterfalls, rugged cliffs and interesting rock formations.

Waterloo -craggy and heavily forested area with ridgetops and ravines.


Lake Hope - forested region with gorges and narrow ridges. Remnants of abandoned mining and iron producing industries.


Lake Snowden - mix of lake, woodland and open land.

Adena HockHocking - remnants of the canal basin and railway.

Wayne Natl. Forest - mix of meadows, forests and streams.

Lake Logan - lake and open meadows.

Rockbridge - wetlands, woodland and pasture.



Below are some common species found in the Lake Snowden Region:


Common Goldeneye



Song Sparrow


STOP 11-Lake Snowden 


About the Area:

Lake Snowden was built for the Margaret Creek Conservancy District in 1968 with federal funds through the Farmer's Home Administration and the Soil Conservation Service. It is the largest of four lakes built in an effort to control flooding an form the Margaret Creek Conservancy District.

Lake Snowden opened to the public in 1972. The park consists of six hundred fifty-one acres including the lake which covers approximately 136 acres.

Fees: $1.00 parking fee per day



St. Rt. 50 West, Near Athens, Ohio.



Lake Snowden  C/O Hocking College

3301 Hocking Parkway Nelsonville, Ohio 

1.877.HOCKING (1.877.462.5464) (740) 698-6373 or


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